The Empowered Woman’s Guide to Orgasmic Bliss

Next Class Begins in March 2019


Join the waitlist for Xanet’s 10 week program, The Empowered Woman’s Guide to Orgasmic Bliss, during which you will learn to:

  • Embrace all of you and learn how to truly love yourself
  • Rid yourself of limiting beliefs and shame around your sexuality
  • Deeply connect with and listen to your body
  • Learn new tools and skills to ignite your love life

Using Four Core Principles, this program will help you break through blocks that are holding you back from the intimacy, connection and passion that you want.

  • Presence in mind and body
  • Power to address issues around sex and intimacy
  • Permission to be messy, take risks and still love yourself
  • Pleasure in your body and in your life

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The Power of Pleasure San Francisco Master Lover Workshop

3 Master Lover Skills to Transform your Sex Life

Check Back for Dates at Good Vibrations

I know how confusing women can be.  One minute we want one thing and the next minute we want something else.  It’s enough to drive a man crazy especially when all he really wants to do is please her.

Men who have confidence in the bedroom don’t get rattled by women’s shifting boundaries.  They know exactly how to show up in the moment.  They create an environment that allows women to feel safe and surrender.  They understand how to help a woman find her “yes”, rather than her “no”.

In this workshop you will learn three powerful keys to becoming a Master Lover:

      • Own your sexual power
      • Understand the relationship between women’s desire and arousal
      • Create a Master Lover mindset


Tantra Workshops through Ecstatic Living Institute

                        I am on the faculty of The Ecstatic Living Institute, the school of SkyDancing Tantra which was created by Steve and Lokita Carter and contains the SkyDancing Tantra teachings of Margot Anand, the grandmother of modern Tantra and international best selling author.  Mention my name when you register and get an automatic discount! 

2018 Classes

Ecstatic Touch Level 1:  The Art of Pleasure

November 9-11th, Earthrise at IONS, Petaluma, CA

This weekend is an ideal opportunity to explore the fine line between sensuality and sexuality and to deepen your connection and love. Whether you attend partnered or solo, you will:

  • Fine tune your skills in the art of ecstatic touch
  • Learn sensuous, healing, and pleasurable whole-body touch
  • Integrate spirituality and physical pleasure
  • Explore the surrender of giving and receiving
  • Open new doors to the heart
  • Allow more pleasure and trust in your relationships

Ecstatic Touch Level 2:  The Art of Sexual Ecstasy

December 7-9th, Earthrise at IONS, Petaluma, CA

During Ecstatic Touch (Level 2), you and your partner will discover how to:

  •  Receive pleasure by giving pleasure
  •  Transform your sexual spark into a bonfire
  •  Become the master of your own ship
  •  Stay grounded and focused in waves of ecstasy
  •  Play with the balance of control and surrendering into bliss
  •  Cultivate deeper intimacy and trust with yourself and in your partnership

2019 Classes

Topical Tantra Vacation: A Special Valentine’s Week for Couples

Feb 9-16th, Playa Montezuma, Cost Rica


The amazing Lokita Carter will be facilitating a week of celebration, sensual pleasure and tantric discovery at one of the most beautiful places on Earth: Costa Rica. I will be on her team and also offering private coaching sessions. This Tropical Tantra™ vacation will be set in a lush and tropical environment, complete with a breathtaking vista of the the Pacific Ocean and the rainforest, the songs of exotic tropical birds and the rustling of the monkeys in the trees—the perfect place to get away from it all, have plenty of time to relax and explore, and dedicate a week to romance, opening the heart and deepen intimate connection!

couples workshop

Passionate Intimacy: Couples Workshop

2019 Dates TBA

Do you long for the good old days when just a look from your partner could drive you wild with desire? Are you lacking the fire and passion in your relationship? Do you want to learn how to really connect with your partner at a more intimate level?
In this one day couples workshop we will help you reignite the flame with your partner and create a deeper level of intimacy and connection. Whether you’ve been together for 10 years or 10 weeks, you will leave this day with a renewed sense of intimacy and will understand how to create and maintain passion in your relationship.

  • Making time for intimacy, losing goal orientation, and creating a special place and time for sex.
  • Learn what it really means to connect with your partner’s sexual energy and intensify intimacy and pleasure.
  • How to touch your partner so that they are begging for more
  • Explore the interplay between desire and surrender in passionate touch

Xanet and Kai are masters of helping couples get to the root of intimacy.  They helped us build a more solid foundation. The workshop created the building blocks for our future.
Fontella, Hayward, CA


The workshop exceeded my expectations. As a therapist I tend to be critical of these types of events.  The workshop is experientially focused with teachings interspersed. You won’t get bored.  My fiancé and I have implemented the skills learned daily which has enhanced the intimacy of our relationship. It’s a great opportunity to lean into the proverbial edges with your partner and learn additional skills towards more positive outcomes. Bring your partner for a day of growth and play! You won’t be disappointed!!!!
Danielle L, Oakland, CA


Xanet and Kai have distilled a dozen techniques from cognitive psychology and Tantra into a useful set of practices that all couples can benefit from
Dr. George Baldwin, Professor of Psychology, CSU


It was powerful to have the time, space, and exercises to connect with my partner in new ways.  I learned tools to help us stay connected and tapped into blocks to my own passion and desire.
Amber, Santa Cruz

Xanet Pailet and Kai Wu

Xanet Pailet and Kai Wu are sex and intimacy coaches, certified sexological body workers and certified tantra educators who each work with women, men and couples to help empower them around their sexuality and create more love and intimacy. They created their signature “Master Lover Workshop for Men” which has been wildly successful and will be launched at Harbin Hot Springs in October of 2015. They are thrilled to bring this ground breaking intimacy workshop to couples.

Join the San Francisco Love & Intimacy Network Meet Up Group

Looking to add some juice to your week?  Interested in meeting other sex positive men and women? Want to explore some of your edges?  Open to learning new things about sex and intimacy?

Join the San Francisco Love & Intimacy Network Meet Up Group. We meet monthly in San Francisco on Wednesday evenings. Some of the topics we have explored include:

      • Relationship Magic:  Manifesting the Relationship of Your Dreams
      • Learn About the Five Myths of Orgasm
      • Exploring Sensual Touch
      • How to Date Conscious Women
      • The Art of Intimacy
      • Awakening the Senses

Join Here

Men's Lover Weekend

Ecstatic Lover:  Attraction and Discovery

October 12-14 at Earthrise Retreat Center, Petaluma,CA

The archetype of “The Lover” remains strong in our psyches. Romeo and Juliet, Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara. The Lover conjures up a character who is crazy charismatic, hypnotizes with romantic language, is fluent in the arts of lovemaking and awakens passion inside of us. But what if this archetype could be learned?

This workshop, taught by Xanet Pailet and Kai Wu in association with Ecstatic Living Institute offers the opportunity to explore the unique qualities of the Lover–attraction, desire and passion. The workshop is open to all genders and sexual orientation, to couples and singles.

Come join us in a safe, loving and supportive space where you will have the freedom to bring all of who you are and connect to your sexual energy and desire. Experiential learning is the most effective way to actually affect change in areas such as sexuality and intimacy. This powerful and unique workshop is both experiential and interactive. You will:

  • Learn how to become a more passionate, confident and skilled lover
  • Experience more confidence from the bedroom to the boardroom
  • Crack the code of what your partner really wants and makes you a great lover
  • Discover forms of touch that will drive your partner wild
  • Find and unleash your Lover archetype
  • Discover how to connect to your own pleasure so you can help your partner connect to theirs
  • Learn about the physiology of sexual arousals
  • Identify some of the patterns that may be holding you back so you can better connect to your sexual energy and passion
  • Watch a live demo of erotic sensual massage.

You will leave this weekend a much more confident, skilled, authentic, and passionate lover.

Meet Your Ecstatic Lover Instructors:

Sex and Intimacy Coaching   Xanet Pailet Kai.headshot.Kai Wu


Read the Rave Reviews from this Workshop!

Every man in a restless, stale, disconnected relationship should take this class”
–John, SF.
This is the sexual education every man needs, old or young. This is one of the key components to cultivate the divine masculinity that this country desperately needs”
–Brandon Chien, San Mateo, CA
The magical space held by Xanet created a transformational experience fueled by the most basic of human existence— desire.
—Clark, SF
Xanet is able to put together a team of sex and intimacy experts who can explcitly show men how to open up their own inate knowledge of powerful, thrilling connections.
–Rob Heart, Oakland

My Awake Body

Awaken your body and TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!

Sign up today for Xanet’s 14-day adventure, My Awake Body, during which you will learn to:

  • Experience more sensation and aliveness
  • Improve your emotional health
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Discover your trust and intuition
  • Live a more vibrant life

Best of all, it’s FREE! Be sure to take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

I’m not the type to take on challenges, but Xanet’s Awaken Your Body Adventure seemed doable to me and so I took the plunge. I hadn’t been in touch with my body for years since having my second child. With Xanet’s program, I found out that I had never really been truly in touch with my body. Today, I enjoy myself and all that my body has to offer me. I am a free soul and take in all of the pleasures life has to offer. I can’t wait to continue the journey and look forward to continued work with Xanet when she is available. Thank you with all my heart. You have truly changed my life.

– S. Jenkins


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