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Sex and intimacy coaching services for men

While I truly love men, ( I have two sons of my own), I have decided to transition most of my coaching to couples and women. I do maintain a few coaching spots for men but am very selective with who I will work with. If you are a professional man who is seriously interested in expanding your own awareness of sexuality and intimacy and have the time and resources to engage in a long term coaching relationship, please reach out to me here. 

  • How to attract, date and maintain relationships with women
  • How to become a master lover
  • Exploring your own sexual pleasure
  • Overcoming sexual abuse and trauma
  • Managing erection issues

Dating and Relationships

We want to help you through sex and intimacy coaching to be the best lover that you can be and learn how to bring romance and passion into your relationships. Learning how to attract, seduce and be in relationship with women begins with helping you become confident about your skills and understand your needs and desires. We understand that women are complex and often confuse men with their shifting boundaries, making dating and relationships even more challenging. We can help you learn how to navigate the complex dating world, how to show up as your authentic self, how to be a master lover and have long lasting and satisfying relationships.

Become a Master Lover

Becoming a master lover begins with being able to tap into your own erotic energy and approaching sex from an embodied perspective. In a supportive and loving sex and intimacy coaching environment you will learn how to channel your own erotic energy, understand women’s sexual desires and communication styles, practice new skills, and explore what intimacy means.

Expand Your Pleasure

Men are so often in the role of giver, particularly in sexual relationships, that they have never learned how to fully receive and enjoy their own pleasure. Male pleasure is typically focused on the genitals when in fact there are vast numbers of erogenous zones on the male body. Learn how to communicate what your needs and desires are. Explore different pleasure pathways within your body. Use breath, sound and movement to increase your erotic energy and experience full body orgasms without ejaculation.

Overcome Early Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction

Many men experience premature ejaculation or difficulty getting or keeping erections. Early ejaculation is due to anxiety and can be controlled through a combination of relaxation methods, breath work to move energy from the genitals to other parts of the body and re-training the body to receive pleasure.

Erectile Dysfunction, which is over diagnosed and treated with drugs, is often not due to physiological reasons. Men who can have erections while masturbating or whose erections come and go depending on their partner or the situation, are experiencing psychological reasons including performance anxiety or failure to become sexually aroused. Men can also learn to have orgasms without an erection. Breath control, pelvic muscle strengthening exercises, and addressing the underlying issues can make a significant difference.


Own Your Sexuality and Masculinity!

“Xanet has helped me explore my repressed sexuality in the most supportive and non-judgmental way. She really has a special gift for providing tools to work through our most core issues. As a modern man I have struggled with my masculinity and shame around my sexuality. Xanet has helped me acknowledge and work through some of the toughest issues I could never do with my previous romantic partners. The gateway to my entire life feels open now that I can own my sexuality.”

– Brandon C.


Healing Past Wounds To Enhance Oneself

“Xanet has a unique ability to help a person identify and heal past experiences that have adversely impacted on how they want to love and live today. Xanet created a safe space where I could learn how to express my sexuality and my passion. My wife is thrilled with the new passionate me in our marriage and in our sex life.”

– Michael R.

Intensives For Men

Intensives for men could include coaching and education on such subjects as:

  • How to attract, date & develop deeper relationships with women
  • How to become a better lover
  • Increasing your own sexual pleasure
  • Working to overcome premature ejaculation
  • Managing erectile dysfunction


Inclusive, Authentic, Empathetic

“Three words that come into mind while experiencing the POP with Xanet. They hardly encompass the depth and breadth of her intuition and intellect, but if you desire to awaken the soul and intimacy that lies within, she is the perfect guide for your quest. I recommended her highly. “

– Tom C.

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