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  • Now experience a satisfying and fulfilling sex life 100% 100%
  • Have learned new ways to paths of pleasure 100% 100%
  • Have found a deeper meaning to sex and sexuality 100% 100%
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Your Sexual Blueprint Impacts Your Sex Life

I truly believe you can learn about your future by looking at your past. Every time I start working with a client, we spend time exploring their views on sex, intimacy, how they were raised, life experiences, and the world views that surround them. Their upbringing...

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Grandma’s Can Have Pleasure Too!

The big news in my life is that I became a Grandma last Friday six weeks earlier than expected but the baby is doing great and should be home in a few weeks.  Saturday night I had a date and was in a very celebratory mood. So I put on a really sexy dress and then got...

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What Do You Tell Your Daughter About Pleasure?

I was at a recent woman's Watermark networking event when the organizer, Kate Byrne, came up to me and told me that when she had the "sex talk" with her teenage daughter, she told her to always remember "sex is about your pleasure." That was a highly unusual statement...

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Woman Want More Romance During Sex

Did you know that the way to most women's hearts (and their bodies) is through romance? While I've always known this is true for me, a recent study provides some pretty convincing data that this is what many women want. The survey conducted in 2017 asked over 2000 US...

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G Spot Love

Here comes a rant.  It's 2018 and I can't believe that I am still having to defend the existence of the female G spot! I was reading a great article in the New York Times about teens and online porn. In it, they describe a Porn Literacy pilot program created by a...

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