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Your Guide to Cannabis and Sex

Have you ever considered using Cannabis or CBD oil to spice things up in the bedroom? Most people haven't but you might want to consider it for a future date night. Individuals that have been smoking Cannabis have always claimed that everything tastes, smells and...

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Foods to Boost Your Sex Life

Chocolate, chili, oysters- these are the tried and true aphrodisiacs you hear about again and again. If you are looking to give your sex life a boost just alter your diet. What we eat plays a huge role in how our body performs and can especially give you a much-needed...

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Steamy Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is now upon us and as usual, it comes with the madness of trying to find the perfect gift for your special someone. This wonderful time of year is also a stressful one, and even though Hallmark would have us believe it is a time for enchantment, the...

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Sex after Sexual Abuse

As a society, we are talking about sexual assault across all media more than we have ever done in the past. The #metoo movement, as well as celebrities and others coming forward about their sexual abuse stories, has empowered other people to come forward with their...

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Overcoming Sexual Shame

Just like our bodies, sexual shame comes in all shapes and sizes. From body shame about our own genitalia, to shame associated with certain sexual acts, it’s commonplace for everyone to experience shame. Learning about the different types of sexual shame that might be...

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Your Body is Made for Pleasure

Did you know that the human body was literally designed to experience pleasure? I know this might sound odd given that we give such little attention to our physical pleasure, but it’s really true.   A great example of this is the sheer fact that women possess a...

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