The Empowered Woman’s Guide to Orgasmic Bliss 

The Secret Sauce to a Juicy Sex Life!  

Many women do not believe that we can enjoy love, sex and pleasure in our life.

Let alone that we can have it all at the same time.

So we constantly make compromises.

You end up becoming best friends with your partner, but are no longer lovers.

Or you put up with mediocre sex and lack the connection you desire.

It’s easy to fall into this trap and believe the myth that you can’t have it all.

You see so many other people around you making the same compromise that it seems “normal”. 

Let’s debunk that myth right now because you can have it all.

You can have a deeply connected, intimate relationship and great pasionate sex!

It all starts with giving yourself permission to love yourself.

To embrace your hopes, fears, desires and your body.

I know that loving yourself might sound scary and even uncomfortable. 

You might have issues with your body image now.

You may even feel some shame around sex. 

This happens because we are so disconnected from our body and our sexuality.

Reconnecting with your body is the key to having powerful, intimate relationships and great sex.

  •  Are you done making compromises about your love life?
  •  Do you want to rid yourself of the baggage around sex once and for all? 
  •  Are you ready to learn how to fully love yourself?

Well then beautiful woman you are so in the right place!

There comes a point in your life when you need to take a leap of faith, maybe even push an edge, if you want things to change for the better. Make a decision, take action and move forward.

That time is now!



Embrace all of you and learn how to truly love yourself

Rid yourself of limiting beliefs and shame around your sexuality

Deeply connect with and listen to your body

Learn new tools and skills to ignite your love life

Using Four Core Principles, this program will help you break through blocks that are holding you back from the intimacy, connection and passion that you want.

  • Presence in mind and body
  • Power to address issues around sex and intimacy
  • Permission to be messy, take risks and still love yourself
  • Pleasure in your body and in your life


9 Live and Recorded Goup Mentorship Calls

Weekly Instructional Videos with Practices and Handouts

30 Days to Orgasmic Bliss E-Book

Private Facebook Group

E-mail support throughout the program


14 Day Body Awakening Program

A signed copy of my new book, Living an Orgasmc Life: Heal Yourself and Awaken Your Pleasure for the first 5 women who register

Bonus Call: Pleasuring Your Man

About Xanet Pailet

Xanet Pailet

Xanet Pailet is a former health care lawyer turned sex and intimacy educator, coach and author of Living an Orgasmic Life. She works with individuals and couples to empower them around their sexuality and strengthen relationship and intimacy skills. She is particularly passionate about working with women who are sexually disconnected. She helps them reclaim their pleasure and transform their relationships and their lives.

Xanet is a certified Somatica® Sex and Intimacy Coach, a certified Sexological Body Worker with the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and a certified Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner. She is also a certified Sky Dancing Tantra Teacher and a Trauma practitioner. She serves on the faculty of the Institute for Ecstatic Living and the Somatica Institute 

Program Modules

Module 1: Clearing Out the Cobwebs and Understanding your Blueprint.

In Module 1 we create the framework for the journey by ridding yourself of everything that holds you back from creating the love life you desire. Getting rid of cobwebs that interfere with your being present. Learning how your “blueprint” for sex and intimacy formed earlier in your life impacts your adult intimate relationships. Banishing any discomfort or shame you have around your sexuality. 

Module 2: Awakening and Accepting Your Beautiful Body…warts and all..

Sex happens in your body, not in your head and In Module 2 you will learn how to full embody your sexuality. From learning to love and accept your forever changing body to having a new found sense of body awareness. You will learn a whole new set of tools to experience more sensation and communication techniques so that you get what you want.

Module 3: The Secret Sauce for a Juicy Sex Life

There really are secrets to having more passionate sex and you will learn about some of them in Module 3. Here’s the first secret: you already possess all the tools you need, you just have to learn to use them. You will also explore your hottest sexual movie (romance, passion, dominance, spiritual) and how to incorporate that into your love life. 

Module 4: It’s all about the Orgasm…isn’t it?

In module 4 we debunk myths about female orgasm and take a deep dive into them. You will learn about all the different types of orgasms that you can have from G spot to cervical and how these areas can be activated. You will also learn a powerful technique that will ignite your pleasure and your partner’s. 


The question you might be asking yourself right now is how much is this going to cost?

The better question to ask yourself is can you afford not to do this?

How much is it worth to you to be able to stop making compromises in your love life, rid yourself of your baggage around sex and intimacy, and have the intimate, passionate relationships that you want? 

It’s true. Personal development work takes a level of commitment; your time and your money.

But guess what? 


The Empowered Women’s Guide to Orgasmic Bliss On Line Group Program follows the same basic program structure that I use with my private clients who pay between $3500 and $6000 for my individual coaching program. 

The information, skills and tools that I share with you are the exact same ones that I use with my private clients. The only difference is that I am offering this in a group format so I can reduce the price significantly.

This program plus the additional bonuses is worth over $4300!

And because I want as many of you as possible to have access to this transformational program, I am also offering a payment plan. 

I’m so sure that this program will change your life that I’m giving you a 14 day 100% guarantee or I will gladly return your investment.

What You Will Receive:  

Claim Your Pleasure 

  • 9 Self Study Instructional videos  
  • Worksheets, Self-Assessments and Audio exercises  
  • 9 “You’re Not Alone” Group Coaching Calls (75-90 minutes) 
  • 14 Day Body Awakening Adventure 
  • Bonuses 

Investment: $297

Or 2 Monthly Installments of $156

Do you have questions? Contact me at and I'd be happy to disuss the program further with you!

Go ahead and give yourself this gift. I promise you will not regret it!

The program starts with a Kick Off Call on October 17th and will end on December 12th 

Program Schedule

Week 1: October 17th: Kick off!

Kick off call for the program. Understand program goals and principles, how we create a safe space for everyone. Explore the class website. Introduce Xanet, participants and share personal goals and desires for the program.  

Week 2: October 24th: Sexual Blueprint and Intimacy

Share what we learned from our sexual blueprint and how it impacts us as sexual beings. Notice the role that shame plays for women and how a shame reaction shows up in our bodies. Examine our intimacy blueprint through examining different attachment styles. Explore the mother wound and how that impacts your sexuality. 

Week 3: October 30th: Emotions and Your Sex Drive

Understand the connection between your emotions and desire for sex. Explore an embodied approach to emotions. Use the “emotions wheel” to improve your emotional lexicon. Learn a practice to unblock emotions that interfere with intimacy. Explore which emotions make you want to have sex.

Week 4: November 7th: Embodiment

Learn what embodiment means and how to get back into your body and out of your head. How to love and accept your body and rid yourself of body shame. Start to listen to your body, especially your Yoni (Pussy), and see what messages she has for you.

Week 5: Nov 14th: The Flow of Sexual Energy

Learn why connecting with sexual energy is a powerful doorway to personal growth, transformation and creativity. Explore the Chakra system. Learn practices to open up your hips and pelvis and engage your P.C. muscle so that energy can flow more freely. 

Week 6: Nov 21: Creating a Pleasure Circuit

How to ask for what you want. Learn how to create a pleasure circuit through touching for your own pleasure. Use sexual breathing to help connect with erotic energy in your own self-loving practice. Explore and banish blocks and shame around masturbation. 

Week 7: Nov 28: Female Erectile Network and Anatomy

Did you know that you have an erectile network of your own? And it stretches from your lips all the way into your pelvic bowl. Learn about woman’s sexual anatomy including all the parts of your pussy that you’ve never explored, like the legs, vestibular bulbs, and perineal sponge. A whole new world of pleasure awaits you!

Week 8: Dec 5th Orgasms and the Orgasmic Response

Take a deep dive into orgasms. What they are, how they occur, what parts of your body can experience them. Learn about different types of orgasms including G spot, vaginal, cervical, anal and nipples. Explore the most powerful practice for having multiple orgasms. Understand female ejaculation and techniques. See a demonstration of a full body energy orgasm.

Week 9: Dec 12th: Hottest Sexual Movie

Explore your Core Erotic theme and hottest sexual movie. Learn what emotions you want to feel during high levels of arousal. Is your movie romantic, passionate, dominance, spiritual or a combination? How do you get what you want during sex? Create a scene for yourself based on your movie. Final shares and goodbyes.

Bonus: Pleasuring the Penis

A crowd pleasing favorite! In this 30 minute bonus video, learn new methods and techniques to pleasure a penis through touch and oral stimulation. Bring a cucumber or zucchini with you! 

In Her Own Words

“Xanet’s program has been an incredible discovery for me and helped my husband and I heal our intimacy and sex life. She is extremely knowledgeable, has a very experiential body centered approach and is very resourceful. On our calls she is able to pinpoint the issue and dive into it fearlessly and thoughtfully at a very deep level. She is deeply committed to her students. A game changer for intimacy and personal growth.”

Marie Baronte. MD, Ph.D

“In our very first sessions I felt more open and vocal about my sexuality than I have ever been. Xanet created a safe space where I feel supported and accepted as who I am and where I am. This allowed me to unearth some things that I didn’t realize were in the way of me having the sexual freedom that I am seeking. What an empowering program”.

Jean Kathryn Carlson

“One of the most courageous things I’ve ever done was to say “yes” to working with Xanet. During our time together I am feeling increasingly liberated and sexy! She holds a super safe, accepting container which allowed me to get unstuck and move forward. I’m thrilled to be on this journey with her”.

Tanya Cantor


14 Day Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked, no hassle, no problems!



You can trust us!