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And while we hope you are able to join us for Talking Love, Sex, and Intimacy with Xanet on Facebook Live, if you’ve missed an episode or wish to catch up, we’ve provided links for past episodes below. Enjoy!


Episode 1:  Musings about Self Love and Self Acceptance..and Why it’s taken me months to do my first Facebook Live.
Episode 2:  Dog, Girl, a Messed Up Sex Life. How does your sexual blueprint impact your sex life?
Episode 3:  Practical Tips to Get What you Want during Sex
Episode 4:  Secure, Anxious, Avoidant? What’s Your Attachment Style
Episode 5:  What Organ is Most Important during Sex?
Episode 6:  Redefining what “Having Sex” means.
Episode 7:  How to Live an Orgasmic Life
Episode 8:  Yoni Touch through Technology: OMGYes
Episode 9:  The Law of Attraction in Relationships
Episode 10: Putting passion back into a relationship
Episode 11: A woman’s whole body is her pussy
Episode 12: How a “cat call” at 11 years old can have lasting impact
Episode 13: It’s hard to be a man these days…
Episode 14: We’re Talking Tantra!
Episode 15: Fighting the Winter Blues…
Episode 16: Are you being energetically violated in a non intimate setting?
Episode 17: How do you know if you’re grounded and why should you care?
Episode 18: Consent Conversation with Celeste Hirschman

Also, here are links to the YouTube version.


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