“Xanet set a safe space for exploring a deeper and fuller experience of touch, breath, and sensuality. It was very gentle and good for people starting this exploration. Thanks Xanet!”

Jenny B

Berkeley, CA

“I really appreciated the Somatic Sex Education sessions with Xanet because on the one hand, the way she conducted it was so professional, and on the other hand, her approach was so uninhibited and uncluttered by taboos.”


San Jose, CA

“I really appreciated the ritual built into the session, of creating safe space and sharing intention. Xanet created a safe space which allowed my mind to release from worries, distractions and thoughts. I have experienced a level of care and intimacy through touch that I had hardly thought possible.”


Oakland, CA

“Xanet has been an inspiration to me. She has through her words and actions taught me how to practice living the best life that I can. I will continue working with her to learn the value of treating my body with the utmost respect and joy.”

Patricia Mikes

New Jersey

“You provided a very loving and safe environment. You offered help and information in appropriate ways, while keeping plenty of space available for the experience. Your gentle touch enhanced the flow. You also listened well and stayed present which, again, created a beautiful place where anything seemed possible.”


San Francisco, CA

Yelp Reviews


Xanet has helped me explore my repressed sexuality in the most supportive and non-judgmental way. She really has a special gift for providing tools to work through our most core issues. As a modern man I have struggled with my masculinity and shame around my sexuality. Xanet has helped me acknowledge and work through some of the toughest issues I could never do with my previous romantic partners. The gateway to my entire life feels open now that I can own my sexuality.

Her Master Lover workshop is the sexual education that every man should have received before he had sex for the first time. It takes a brave man to learn what she teaches and I promise you will not regret what you learn. Suddenly women are not a frustrating mystery and you understand they simply have different responses than males. You learn tools to enjoy pleasure with another person instead of seeing them as a goal to achieve or task to complete. Trust me, the ladies will beg for that.

Find the courage within yourself to own your sexuality. Let Xanet assist you with that and take the time to listen to her story. I even hosted her on my podcast and you can hear the brilliant things she has to say and her story of how she started this work.


Brandon C.

Xanet is wonderful. She has been kind, patient and very understanding!! Xanet has made me comfortable, trusting her totally and opened up areas in me that I guard closely!! I truly appreciate and admire Xanet!  Thank you so much!!

Bob M.

Xanet is an amazing body coach! I had 7 sessions and learned new secrets about my sexual response.  She also provides enlightened options in dating and making relationships work on a practical day-to-day level. She taught me how to connect my breathing and sexual response; I am still learning this.


Read tons more testimonials from actual clients or book a sessions directly with Xanet.

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