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Xanet Pailet, Sex and Intimacy Coach
Best Selling Author of the New Book
Living An Orgasmic Life: Heal Yourself & Awaken Your Pleasure

Hi, I’m Xanet and I lived in a sexless marriage for more than two decades so I truly understand the struggles that you are experiencing.

Feeling closed down with your partner and around your sexuality can be very isolating and frustrating.

You might even feel like you are broken, especially if sex is painful or you are a survivor of sexual abuse or trauma.

But I promise you that you are not broken!  Not only can you heal your relationship with sex, you can also rediscover the joy and pleasure of sex and deepen your intimacy and relationship.

I work with couples in sexless relationships and women of all ages who have struggles around sex:

  • Women who were date raped or experienced abuse
  • New moms who were traumatized during childbirth
  • Woman who have never experienced an orgasm
  • Menopausal women struggling with low desire
  • Women wanting to explore and discover their sexuality

Take the first step towards having a healthy and fulfilling sex life by reaching out to me so that we can discuss your unique situation.

I so look forward to connecting with you.



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