I’m a Vagina Warrior…according to Eve Ensler

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I learned a new word today….”vagina warrior” after reading a brilliant interview with Eve Ensler in Common Ground Magazine which you should definitely go check out.   According to Ensler, “a vagina warrior is man or woman who has been through something difficult, painful, or violent and rather than perpetrating on another person or destroying […]

My Love & Hate Affair with My Vagina

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This weeks post is brought to you by Elephant Journal. http://www.elephantjournal.com/2014/03/my-affair-with-my-vagina-xanet-pailet/ Here are some interesting responses:   This one is from   Meg Richichi, a Fertility Specialist: Did you know there’s a powerful connection between a woman’s heart, uterus and vagina? This article is a must read for all women trying to conceive! I believe it’s […]