Banish Shame and Experience More Pleasure

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Before I became a sex and intimacy coach, I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about shame.  I understood the feeling of embarrassment, like when I said or did something stupid, but shame was not really on my radar screen. And there’s a reason why… my shame was so deeply repressed that I couldn’t […]

The Elusive Female Orgasm

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Great article in Cosmo Magazine about Orgasm Deficit in Women.   I was interviewed and quoted extensively and I love the way the author, Heather Wood Rudulph, connected so many pieces of the puzzle together about female orgasm.   The article speaks to women of all ages.  Here are some of the main points, but […]

My Love & Hate Affair with My Vagina

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This weeks post is brought to you by Elephant Journal. Here are some interesting responses:   This one is from   Meg Richichi, a Fertility Specialist: Did you know there’s a powerful connection between a woman’s heart, uterus and vagina? This article is a must read for all women trying to conceive! I believe it’s […]

Vaginal Weight Lifting: Kegels on Steroids

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This fantastic cheeky video about the power of kegels for women is brought to you by Kim Anami, a sex coach in Canada whose work I am really fond of.  She is also very out there and I completely appreciate that.  It is true…there are women in Thailand who can open beer bottles (and even […]

Causes of Painful Intercourse for Women

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Are you one of those women who experience painful intercourse or pain from any type of vaginal penetration? If you are, you are hardly alone.  A recent survey indicates that more than 20% of women in the United States experience painful intercourse and that number rises significantly in post-menopausal women. As someone who experienced and […]

Six Things About My Sex Life I Am Grateful For

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In this week of Thanksgiving, I turn inward and express gratitude for the love and  sex life I have manifested. I Practice Tantra and Conscious Sexuality Adopting Tantra and Conscious Sexuality has been a major force in my life.  It has given me a framework to create and explore new relationships with myself and others. […]

Five Sex Advice Blogs You Should Read

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Believe it or not I am not the only person on this planet writing a sex advice blog  so this weeks blog will introduce you to some other awesome sex educators whose sex advice columns  you should definitely check out.   Celeste and Danielle are rock stars! I just completed my Somatica training with them, an […]

Why Is It So Hard To Talk About Sex?

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I am on a mission to normalize the conversation about sex because even though we experience sex vicariously through the media, we can’t talk about sex.  We live in this weird paradigm of contradictory messages. Sex is coming at us constantly from every, TV, film, books, newspapers. Even Zumba is selling us sex,  If […]

Does Penis Size Matter ?

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Over the past few months, I have been leading a series of intimacy workshops with my colleague Michael Gelbart and have had the opportunity to hear many women and men talk candidly about what they want in an intimate relationship.   To my surprise the topic of penis size came up in one of these workshops. […]

Sexual Healing for Men: Heal their Heart

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This weeks post is brought to you via Laurie Handler’s Sex and Happiness Radio Show where I was interviewed about Men’s Sexual Healing.  I also loved that she called me a “former high power attorney now turned sex and intimacy coach”.  To listen to the show click here We had a fascinating discussion about male sexual […]