Body Shame: Not just for Women

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There is a bit of a myth that only women experience body shame.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  The Guardian recently published an article, “Me and My Penis: 100 Men Reveal All”, an interview with Laura Dodsworth, author of “Manhood”, a new book about men and sexuality.  The author photographed 100 men’s penises […]

Sexual Polarity: The Secret Sauce to Passionate Sex

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Did you know that the secret sauce to hot, passionate sex is sexual polarity in the relationship? It is absolutely true that opposites attract each other. The sexual charge that shows up when we’re having passionate sex occurs because of the tension between masculine and feminine energy.  When there is a lot of sexual polarity […]

Couples Intimacy and Emotional Conversations

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Emotional Conversations that Create Couple’s Intimacy When a couple comes to see me because they are having problems in their sex life, the first question I consider is what’s going on in the relationship that’s affecting the couple’s intimacy.   Most of the time sexual problems are just a symptom of the relationship dynamic between […]

New Clues to Female Orgasm

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The Trifecta of Female Orgasm We all know that female orgasm can be very elusive. This week a major study was released that sheds light on why some women orgasm more frequently during sex than others. The study looked at a wide variety of factors, including sexual acts, environment, relationship satisfaction, communication skills, and sexual […]

Six Tips to Help You Get Through Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s day is just around the corner.  While it’s true that this has become a Hallmark commercialized day, for many of us it still holds a lot of significance.  One of my mentors said that Valentine’s Day is for women, what the Super Bowl  is for men.  Ignore it at your own peril!  Whether you […]

5 Ways to Take the Boredom out of Your Sex Life

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Happy New Year!  We’ve made it to 2017, a year that will no doubt go down in history.  Let’s also make history with your sex life and resolve that in 2017 you will banish boredom from your sex life and have one of the sexiest years of your life! Let’s face it.  Sex, like any […]

Words of Wisdom from Margot Anand: Grandmother of Tantra

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Last week I had the immense pleasure of spending a week with Margot Anand, the self proclaimed grandmother of Tantra.  At age 73, Margot is beautiful, full of grace, humor, wonderful stories and lots of wisdom.  I thought it would be appropriate to end 2016 by sharing some of the pearls I gleaned from her. […]

What Mermaids Can Teach Us About Great Sex!

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Mermaid sexuality became real to me in a recent magical experience.   I now understand why Mermaids, those mythical creatures of the sea, are so beloved and engrained in our collective consciousness…. .    I became a Mermaid. Seriously, what woman amongst us has not at least once had the fantasy of turning into a […]

Knowing Your Sexual Style will Improve your Sex Life

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One of the many reasons that couples struggle in the bedroom is because they may have a different sexual style.  Sexual styles were first discovered by the psychologist Donald Mosher and popularized by David Schnarch in his best selling book “Passionate Marriage”. There are three types of sexual styles and while many of us can […]

How to make every day Valentine’s Day!

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Why can’t everyday be Valentines’ Day? February is the month for love and romance and the Hallmark appointed Valentine’s Day celebration which grosses close to $20 Billion.  But Valentine’s Day for both singles and couples can be rife with frustration, regrets, and challenges. Valentines Day makes many singles even more aware of their single status […]