Sex in Old Age

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How do these paintings of older people having sex make you feel? Be honest with yourself.  Intriguing or revolting? Does it make you look forward to aging or does it scare the living daylights out of you? I had the good fortune the other day to observe the reactions of a diverse group of individuals […]

The Power of Mind Body Medicine

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Sometimes clients show up at my door in pain.  Not just emotional pain, but intense physical pain. Often our sessions are able to heal that pain by just allowing the body to express deeply buried emotions.  When that’s not successful, I call upon an expert in Mind Body Medicine, who I happened to have been […]

Becoming a “Master Lover”

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Becoming a Master Lover All of these men know something that you (or your partner) probably don’t… What it takes to become a “Master Lover”.   This amazing group of men spent an entire weekend learning “Master Lover Skills” with me, my colleague Kai Wu, and three beautiful coaches. What gave this weekend even more […]

Tribute to Steve Carter: My Teacher & Mentor

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How does one begin to process the events of the past few weeks? From the devastation of the Valley Fires which destroyed Harbin Hot Springs, my spiritual home, and the lives and homes of so many to the senseless, violent, seemingly random death of our beloved Steve Carter, my spiritual teacher, guide, and mentor. What […]

Passion and Intimacy: Keep the flame burning

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Passion and Intimacy: Keep the Flame Burning Is there anyone reading this post who doesn’t feel the connection and passion between this couple? I felt it deep in my body when the picture was accompanied by a text that said “Hey Mom…We’re engaged!”  And on the Amalfi Coast at sunset no less… Can you begin […]

5 Signs that Separation may be in Your Future

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5  Signs that Separation may be in Your Future Recently I’ve had a lot of new clients, both individuals and couples, who want my help on deciding whether or not they should leave their marriage. While the initial reason they contacted a sex and intimacy coach was because they are having problems in their sexual life, […]

Pussy Talk and Cock Talk: It’s not what you think…

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Pussy Talk and Cock Talk Here’s a question for you…When is the last time that you had a conversation with your genitals?  I mean, a really heart to heart conversation where you could listen to what your vagina or penis has to say? If you’re like most people, the answer is “never”.  We don’t think […]

Facing Our Fears Around Intimacy

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Facing Our Fears Around Intimacy Last year I wrote a blog post about becoming an intimacy scientist.  It was my Research & Development approach to intimacy that occurred over a one week period at a Tantra workshop. A year later I realize that this was merely a scientific experiment, performed and completed in a laboratory, […]

Madonna Whore Complex: Bad for Men and Women

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Unravelling the Madonna Whore Complex The Madonna Whore complex shows up so frequently in my sex coaching practice that I thought a blog addressing it would be in order. What is a Madonna Whore complex? Coined by no other than Sigmund Freud, the Madonna Whore complex is the belief,  that women are categorized by men […]

Shanghai & Sex: Balancing the Old with the New

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Shanghai & Sex: Balancing the Old with the New Have you missed me?  I have spent the last two weeks in China visiting the incredible city of Shanghai. Internet access was extremely limited…no Google, no Facebook, unless you have a government monitored internet cable.  I did not teach a workshop. I did however host a […]