Sex Coaching for Couples

Sex Coaching for Couples in San Francisco  include:

  • How to communicate your needs and desires so you get what you want
  • Exploring how conscious touch can take your partner to new heights
  • How to experience a more fun and playful sexual experience
  • How to deepen your intimacy and passion through breath and energetic connections

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for two years or twenty years, sex coaching for couples can easily become boring or routine after the initial relationship magic wears off.   Family and personal obligations, careers, and the busy lives we all lead conspire against us to keep sex on the back burner.  Sexual relationships need to be continuously nurtured and the fire needs to be fanned in order to keep the flames burning brightly.

Helping couples learn to communicate openly with each other during sex is a central component of the sex coaching for couples program.  Communicating our desires and needs to our partner can often be challenging, particularly if we are used to relating to each other in a certain way.  There is sometimes also the fear of being judged for wanting to explore different types of sexual experiences such as anal play or BDSM.

In Their Own Words

My fiance’ and I sought out Xanet’s services to give us new tools to enhance our level of connection. During our first session, we learned a process to support our ability to let go of the busyness in our minds from our very full lives and reconnect to our love for each other in a very special way.

S.L.    East Bay


Xanet is a great resource for couples who want to improve their sex life. I invited her to give a talk on sexuality to marriage counselors at The Couples Center. Xanet did an excellent job – she was engaging, knowledgeable and warm. She gave us practical information and also led some experiential exercises (cloths on…). She is genuine, trustworthy, easy to connect to and passionate about her work.

Gal Sazelsky, Couples Center

Sex Coaching for Couples