FEB 2, 20015 to March 9, 2015

Mondays from 7:00–8:30 PM PST

Eventbrite - Girlfriend Sex Talk Teleseminar Series
In this five week girlfriend sex talk tele-seminar program you will learn how every day and every moment of your life can be full of joy, pleasure and intimacy when you are fully in your body.  The skills learned in the girlfriend tele-webinar will not only transform your sex life, the rest of your life will also be transformed.

  •  Module 1:  Understand Your Sexual Blueprint–Take a deep personal dive into your shame and wounding around sex.  Come out the other side with a better understanding and the ability to release shame.
  • Module 2:  Learning and Communicating Boundaries:  Examine and explore your boundaries.  Learn what “yes” and “no” feels like in your body and how to communicate them.
  • Module 3:  Emotional Intelligence:  Gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between your emotions and your sexuality.  Identify and unblock emotions that are holding you back in relationship and in life.
  • Module 4:  Embodiment Practices:  How to get our of your head before and during sex and into your body.
  • Module 5:  Own your feminine sexual energy: Learn how to marshall your sexual energy and relax into pleasure.

At the end of the program you will have received these results:

  • Understand how your sexual blueprint impacts your sex life and how to change that pattern.
  • Have empowered decision-making around sex and other issues in your life.
  • Deeply connect and use your emotional intelligence
  • Spend more time in your body and less in your head
  • Connect with your own sexual energy

PRICE $397 Eventbrite - Girlfriend Sex Talk Teleseminar Series