Words of Wisdom from Margot Anand: Grandmother of Tantra

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Last week I had the immense pleasure of spending a week with Margot Anand, the self proclaimed grandmother of Tantra.  At age 73, Margot is beautiful, full of grace, humor, wonderful stories and lots of wisdom.  I thought it would be appropriate to end 2016 by sharing some of the pearls I gleaned from her. […]

Tribute to Steve Carter: My Teacher & Mentor

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How does one begin to process the events of the past few weeks? From the devastation of the Valley Fires which destroyed Harbin Hot Springs, my spiritual home, and the lives and homes of so many to the senseless, violent, seemingly random death of our beloved Steve Carter, my spiritual teacher, guide, and mentor. What […]

Transforming Lives One Tantra Workshop at a Time

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Picture this… You are in a room with 28 strangers on day one of a seven day intensive Tantra workshop.   You don’t know what’s going to happen, you don’t know the people in the room, you don’t know what baggage they are bringing with them, and how events are going to unfold. You only know […]

A Weekend of Tantra Yoga Can Change Your Life

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I recently had the honor and privilege to facilitate a weekend Sky Dancing Tantra Yoga retreat at the beautiful Sky Wood Temple, a private residence nestled in the hills of Woodside overlooking Palo Alto, with a swimming pool, hot tub, gardens, hiking paths, and chickens roaming around! The fact that it occurred over a powerful […]

Have Great Sex Without Taking Off Your Clothes

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Have Great Sex Without Taking Off Your Clothes Picture this: You are in a room full of people who are writhing on the floor in an orgasmic state and they all have their clothes on!  Sound like Great Sex? Intriguing…read on… This actually happened at a recent Energetic Sex workshop that I took with renown […]