Couples Intimacy: Keeping the Flame Alive

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Couples Intimacy is a topic that comes up in my work and my life all the time.  The most common complaint I hear from couples is that the passion has died and that sex has become boring and routine.  Often this leads to having sex less frequently, which then starts a downward spiral of less […]

Want A Better Sex Life? Banish the King Size Bed

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A newly married couple recently asked me how they could have a better sex life.  And my advice to them was simple. Don’t buy a king size bed.  They were shocked at my response. There could have been tons of other tips that I could have given them.  Never go to bed angry with each […]

Envisioning My Future.. What I Learned from a Vision Board

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I spent Father’s Day creating a new Vision Board for myself and my business.  It was an incredibly empowering experience especially the way in which it evolved so organically as I just trusted my intuition.   When it was complete, I was  shocked at how emotional I felt when I looked at it and how […]

Poly..Agony: My Experience with Open Relationship

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Is an Open Relationship right for you? This week’s blog post about open relationships is courtesy of an article that I wrote for Elephant Journal several months ago, called “Poly..agony”.  It is about my own personal experience in an open relationship and what I found about myself.  I also talk about lessons that I learned […]

A Sexless Marriage Is Not OK

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I am livid about a recent Huffington Post article espousing how one could not only hold together, but thrive in a sexless marriage.    I posted this article on Facebook and the responses I got ranged from “unbelievable” to “self-imposed sexual abuse”.  The more I sat with this article the angrier I became especially considering the source […]

Why Is It So Hard To Talk About Sex?

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I am on a mission to normalize the conversation about sex because even though we experience sex vicariously through the media, we can’t talk about sex.  We live in this weird paradigm of contradictory messages. Sex is coming at us constantly from every, TV, film, books, newspapers. Even Zumba is selling us sex,  If […]