Couples Intimacy and Emotional Conversations

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Emotional Conversations that Create Couple’s Intimacy When a couple comes to see me because they are having problems in their sex life, the first question I consider is what’s going on in the relationship that’s affecting the couple’s intimacy.   Most of the time sexual problems are just a symptom of the relationship dynamic between […]

Six Tips to Help You Get Through Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s day is just around the corner.  While it’s true that this has become a Hallmark commercialized day, for many of us it still holds a lot of significance.  One of my mentors said that Valentine’s Day is for women, what the Super Bowl  is for men.  Ignore it at your own peril!  Whether you […]

The Power of Surrender

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For the past year, I’ve been saying that my next level of work is experiencing the power of surrender, but I had no idea how that was actually going to happen.  Here’s the lesson my friends…be careful what you ask for. Trusting in the Power of Surrender I know the power of surrender in a sexual […]

Breaking Up is Hard to Do…But It Can be Done Well

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do But it Can be Done Well A smart man once told me…if you see a woman with tears streaming down her face sobbing inconsolably, you can pretty much assume that she’s breaking up with her boyfriend.   As we all know, the ending of a relationship with all of […]

How to make every day Valentine’s Day!

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Why can’t everyday be Valentines’ Day? February is the month for love and romance and the Hallmark appointed Valentine’s Day celebration which grosses close to $20 Billion.  But Valentine’s Day for both singles and couples can be rife with frustration, regrets, and challenges. Valentines Day makes many singles even more aware of their single status […]

The Power of Mind Body Medicine

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Sometimes clients show up at my door in pain.  Not just emotional pain, but intense physical pain. Often our sessions are able to heal that pain by just allowing the body to express deeply buried emotions.  When that’s not successful, I call upon an expert in Mind Body Medicine, who I happened to have been […]

5 Signs that Separation may be in Your Future

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5  Signs that Separation may be in Your Future Recently I’ve had a lot of new clients, both individuals and couples, who want my help on deciding whether or not they should leave their marriage. While the initial reason they contacted a sex and intimacy coach was because they are having problems in their sexual life, […]

Facing Our Fears Around Intimacy

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Facing Our Fears Around Intimacy Last year I wrote a blog post about becoming an intimacy scientist.  It was my Research & Development approach to intimacy that occurred over a one week period at a Tantra workshop. A year later I realize that this was merely a scientific experiment, performed and completed in a laboratory, […]

Couples Intimacy: Keeping the Flame Alive

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Couples Intimacy is a topic that comes up in my work and my life all the time.  The most common complaint I hear from couples is that the passion has died and that sex has become boring and routine.  Often this leads to having sex less frequently, which then starts a downward spiral of less […]