New Clues to Female Orgasm

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The Trifecta of Female Orgasm We all know that female orgasm can be very elusive. This week a major study was released that sheds light on why some women orgasm more frequently during sex than others. The study looked at a wide variety of factors, including sexual acts, environment, relationship satisfaction, communication skills, and sexual […]

Sexual Assault: #NotOkay

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As I listened to Michelle Obama’s speech in New Hampshire, the most powerful, eloquent, honest and vulnerable speech I have ever heard, the rage and tears that have been building up inside of me for weeks exploded. The rage for all of the women in my life, in my practice, and the world who have […]

What Mermaids Can Teach Us About Great Sex!

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Mermaid sexuality became real to me in a recent magical experience.   I now understand why Mermaids, those mythical creatures of the sea, are so beloved and engrained in our collective consciousness…. .    I became a Mermaid. Seriously, what woman amongst us has not at least once had the fantasy of turning into a […]

Why Women Fake Orgasms…and Ways to Stop It!

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Ladies, if you are faking orgasms, please rest assured that you are definitely not alone!  Some studies have said that over 80% of women fake orgasms on a regular basis, often during intercourse.  Even yours truly has faked them occasionally. Rather than shaming ourselves, let’s look at the reasons why women fake orgasms. We want […]

Give the gift of pleasure: A Womanizer

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The Womanizer is a wonderful gift to give to yourself or to your partner! As many of you know, I am not the biggest fan of vibrators.  I don’t hate them, but I do see how over use of them can really have an impact on a woman’s ability to have a clitoral orgasm on […]

What Women tell their Sex Coach

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What Women tell their Sex Coach I’ve been doing a series for my female readers  on what women tell their sex coach inspired by an article I read in Elephant Journal.  The information is so important that I want to share it with everyone. I Can’t Have an Orgasm By far, this is the most […]

What Women Want: Understanding Female Sexual Desire

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I’ve been thinking about writing this blog post since I read Daniel Bergner’s book, “What Women Want“ several months ago.  But I’ve had a hard time wrapping my head around how to portray the information in a way that is helpful to both men and women.  Apparently female sexual arousal and desire is multi-faceted and […]

How to Feel Sexy

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I spend a lot of time helping women learn how to feel sexy.  Many women have never felt sexy in their entire life.  I know…I was one of the them.  And even for those women who know what sexy feels like, changes in our life makes us lose that sexy feeling. This become really apparent […]

How Sex can Improve Your Business and Career

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I recently gave a talk to a group of women about the secret ingredient to help improve their business and career!  Here’s the best news…It won’t cost  a dime, it will fill you and fulfill you, bring lots of pleasure, and has an unlimited supply.   Yes it’s true!  Sex is the secret ingredient to […]

I’m a Vagina Warrior…according to Eve Ensler

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I learned a new word today….”vagina warrior” after reading a brilliant interview with Eve Ensler in Common Ground Magazine which you should definitely go check out.   According to Ensler, “a vagina warrior is man or woman who has been through something difficult, painful, or violent and rather than perpetrating on another person or destroying […]