Envisioning My Future.. What I Learned from a Vision Board

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I spent Father’s Day creating a new Vision Board for myself and my business.  It was an incredibly empowering experience especially the way in which it evolved so organically as I just trusted my intuition.   When it was complete, I was  shocked at how emotional I felt when I looked at it and how […]

Becoming an Intimacy Scientist

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As a sex and intimacy coach, one would think that I know everything about what it’s like to experience intimacy.  But intimacy, unlike golf or tennis, has no clear rules. While there are skills that we can learn along the way (presence, communication, knowing your needs and desires), each intimate relationship has its own unique […]

Transforming Lives One Tantra Workshop at a Time

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Picture this… You are in a room with 28 strangers on day one of a seven day intensive Tantra workshop.   You don’t know what’s going to happen, you don’t know the people in the room, you don’t know what baggage they are bringing with them, and how events are going to unfold. You only know […]