How to Find a Good Man

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The number one question I hear over and over from my single friends and female clients is “Where do I find a good man?”.  The conversation usually devolves quickly into the universally known fact by all single women that there are simply no available good men left on this planet.  OK maybe there are some […]

Pussy Love: Women’s Peak Arousal

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Today I want to share with you a new video trailer that One Taste just released about giving a woman pussy love.  The video is called ” Slow Pussy Sucking”. and it is available for free on their website. Personally I like my title better but no one consulted with me!  Here’s what you are […]

Podcast from our Master Lover Workshop

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One of my awesome clients and workshop participant, Brandon Chien, dedicated an entire Podcast to his experience at our recent Master Lover workshop:  How to Please a Woman…and Have Her Begging for More… Check it out to hear a first hand account and learn a couple of things in the process.. Episode 12 – Real Sex (Education) […]

Why Women Love Bad Boys…

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At my recent Master Lover Workshop the number one question that the men wanted to know is “why do women like bad boys”?  When I asked the participants how they would describe a bad boy, they said it was someone who didn’t treat women well, was disrespectful, sexually aggressive, violated boundaries and had negative masculine […]