A Weekend of Tantra Yoga Can Change Your Life

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I recently had the honor and privilege to facilitate a weekend Sky Dancing Tantra Yoga retreat at the beautiful Sky Wood Temple, a private residence nestled in the hills of Woodside overlooking Palo Alto, with a swimming pool, hot tub, gardens, hiking paths, and chickens roaming around! The fact that it occurred over a powerful […]

Does Penis Size Matter ?

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Over the past few months, I have been leading a series of intimacy workshops with my colleague Michael Gelbart and have had the opportunity to hear many women and men talk candidly about what they want in an intimate relationship.   To my surprise the topic of penis size came up in one of these workshops. […]

Sexual Healing for Men: Heal their Heart

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This weeks post is brought to you via Laurie Handler’s Sex and Happiness Radio Show where I was interviewed about Men’s Sexual Healing.  I also loved that she called me a “former high power attorney now turned sex and intimacy coach”.  To listen to the show click here We had a fascinating discussion about male sexual […]

Kegel Exercises = Better Sex

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In a recent post, I talked about how activating and strengthening your love muscle (pubococygeous or PC muscle) will improve your sex life. For women, doing Kegel exercises will activate the thousands of nerve endings in the vagina and anus and will move sexual energy from the genitals to other parts of the body.  For […]